The largest country in Central Europe, Germany is the world’s leading economic power house. It is one of the most influential European nations culturally, where the old-world charm  rubs shoulders with high-tech modernity. Various Germany Destinations are popular tourists spots. 

Germany Destinations

Germania was an integral part of the Holy Roman Empire. The 2000 years old historical legacy is evident in Roman ruins scattered across Cologne and other cities across the country. Napoleon takes the credit for unification of Germany, which for over millennia was ruled by many smaller kingdoms. Germany is a land of unparalleled natural beauty where Bavarian plains dotted with timber houses in the North give cold shoulder to Alpine peaks in the South. Germany has the highest number of pristine castles and fortresses in the world. Leaving behind the Hitler and the Holocaust, Germany has revved up its reputation as an engineering giant. The world’s top automobile names of BMW, AUDI and Mercedes have become household names defining modern luxury transportation.

Neuschwanstein Castle – A fairytale world of a Bavarian king

Germany Destinations

The Wittelsbach Dynasty ruled Bavaria for almost 800 years, with Munich as their capital. The land of scenic beauty and beer, Bavaria flourished under the reigns of various dukes. The most famous of the Bavarian kings was Ludwig II, who is often referred to as the Fairy Tales King and sometimes as Mad King Ludwig. The king built a fairy tale castle near the village Fussen where he spent his time in his dream world, away from the state affairs. The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the must visit Germany Destinations. Read about the history, mystery and how to get to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

Visit Cologne – Witness ancient ruins in the midst of post war modernity

Germany Destinations

Situated on river Rhine, Cologne is the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth largest city in Germany. it was the largest city of Roman Empire, established as a capital of Germania in 50AD. The city was almost flattened during the Second World War. Post war Cologne rose from rubble to restore the loss of cultural treasures. The Old Town (Altstadt) is the historical heart of Cologne. Read more about Visiting Cologne. 



Germany Destinations
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Germany Destinations
The largest country in Central Europe, Germany is the world's leading economic power house. It is one of the most influential European nations culturally, where the old-world charm rubs shoulders with high-tech modernity. Various Germany Destinations are popular tourists spots.