Hampi – A Forgotten EmpireKarnataka


Located in Central East of Karnataka, Hampi is a small village perched on the south bank of river Tungabhadra. Hampi is absolutely fascinating! Look in any direction and all you find is rocks and rocks everywhere. The 30 Sq Km rocky terrain is dotted with more than 1600 ruins of temples, bazaars, forts, water tanks, mandapas and many other structures. The bouldered dominated landscape is home to the ruins of Vijayanagar empire, which rose to become one of the richest empires in India in early 14th century before falling to the rising muslim sultanates in 16th century. The magnificent ruins tucked in the heaps of rocks stand in sharp contrast against the greenscape of palm groves, banana plantations and paddy fields. Read more about Hampi – A Forgotten Empire.