Visa On Arrival In Jordan For Indians – It Is Easy!

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There is a lot of confusion about Visa on Arrival in Jordan. Like everyone else i was unsure about it before i got to Amman. I even thought of getting visa sorted before my departure. Now that i have returned with an absolutely amazing time, i would like to share my experience regarding the visa on arrival.

Visa on Arrival in Jordan

Things you should know:
  • Indians can get Visa on Arrival in Jordan. Read more here.
  • Getting Visa on Arrival is very easy and hassle free.
  • You get visa for 2 weeks on arrival with right documentation
Why you should opt for Visa on Arrival in Jordan:

It is the cheapest option! Getting Jordan visa at the embassy in fact costs double the amount. Whereas with the right documentation, visa on arrival is fast and free! You can avoid endless paperwork, like for any visa application e.g. bank statements, letter from the employer, create travel itinerary, take appointment at the embassy and so on. In fact when i called the Jordanian embassy to check about visa requirements, i was enthusiastically informed that i should opt for Visa on Arrival in Jordan, as it is the best and easiest way. And it certainly was!

Documents for Visa on Arrival in Jordan for Indians:
  • Passport with validity for more than 6 months
  • Return or onward flight tickets.
  • USD 1000 or equivalent JOD (Jordanian Dinar) in cash per person. Explained in detail below.
  • Travel plan and hotel bookings in Jordan (no need of a travel agent). You can book on any hotel booking website and carry copies of the bookings
  • Visit Jordan Pass – This is not a requirement but it will certainly make Visa on Arrival in Jordan easy. Jordan Pass includes the visa fees. Explained in detail below.
Visa on Arrival in Jordan
Visit Jordan Pass

Jordan Pass is a great deal offered by the Jordan tourism board. In fact if you have Visit Jordan Pass, you do not pay the visa fees of 40 JOD at arrival!

The pass costs 70 JOD which includes a single day entry to Petra. Now here is a calculation. Visa on arrival in Jordan costs 40JD. Petra one day entry pass costs 50 JOD. Without Jordan Pass you will end up spending 90 JOD; 40JD (visa cost) + 50 JOD ( Petra ticket). Whereas with Jordan Pass, you pay 70 JOD for the same deal (Visa cost + Petra ticket included). You save 20  JOD straightforward. On top of that, Jordan Pass allows entry into over 40 attractions and museums E.g. Jerash ticket 12 JOD, Madaba Archaeological Park ticket 1 JOD, Wadi Rum entry 12 JOD etc are included in the Jordan Pass. Without Jordan Pass you would end up spending additional fees of 1 JOD to 12 JOD depending on the site, almost amounting to 120 JOD. So all and all it is a great deal plus it makes visa on arrival hassle free.

With the Jordan Pass, the visa on arrival becomes easy. The immigration acknowledges your interest in visiting Jordan. It is the cheapest and the best way to get Visa for Jordan (Please note it doesn’t guarantee the visa approval).

Upon arrival, show your Jordan Pass at the immigration and they will grant you two weeks visa without any questions. They may or may not check the cash. You can get more information about Visit Jordan Pass here.

Visa on Arrival in Jordan

Carrying USD 1000 in Cash:

One of the important requirements to obtain Visa on Arrival in Jordan is to carry 1000 USD or equivalent JOD in cash per person. Now this could be a deterrent for many. But please note the cash may be checked at two points: 1) Before clearing the immigration in India, the immigration officer may ask you if you are carrying USD 1000 in cash, as they are aware of Jordan’s visa on arrival requirement. 2) The Jordanian immigration officer may ask you to declare the cash.

In my case no one checked if i was carrying it (i carried 1000 USD in cash, which i used for  spending in Jordan). But i met an Indian couple at Jerash who were asked by Indian immigration officer to show the cash. I would recommend to carry it, as it makes everything easy. I know carrying so much cash is a bit scary, but like traveling in any other country, be careful and vigilant. I traveled as a solo traveler and i did not face any safety related challenges.

You may be worried about the currency conversion loss as well e.g. From INR to USD to JOD. The thing is JOD is pegged against USD; for 100 USD you get 70 JOD. All the hotels accept JOD or USD and they consider the official rate while converting. So no matter where you exchange, there is no loss. Of course avoid exchanging it at the airport as they charge a fixed fee on any conversion.    

Visa on Arrival in Jordan

Travel Itinerary for Jordan:

While opting for Visa on Arrival in Jordan, have a travel itinerary ready. That will give you clarity on booking hotels in different places. Keep a copy of the itinerary in case if you are asked to show it at the immigration. A copy of a travel plan will save you an explanation, It will help to overcome a language barrier as well. Back your itinerary with corresponding hotel bookings, leaving no loopholes for questioning.

Hotel Bookings in Jordan

I usually book hotels on, but you can book it through any website. I recommend booking hotels which allow cancellations till the last day as this gives flexibility, to change the itinerary, to accommodate more places and attractions. Ensure breakfast is included, so you are not rushing in the morning to figure out your day. It saves time and money.

I landed in Amman and Visa on Arrival in Jordan was processed at Queen Alia International Airport. If you are traveling to any other airport, seaport or crossing the road borders, please note the requirements may differ. For Europeans and Americans, there is no need to carry USD 1000 in cash. Follow the requirements stated on the homepage of Jordan Embassy in your country. Indian travelers can check the details here.

Now go ahead and plan your dream trip to Jordan! It is fascinating!

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Visa on Arrival in Jordan for Indians
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Visa on Arrival in Jordan for Indians
It is easy to obtain Visa on Arrival In Jordan. Indians can get Visa on Arrival in Jordan. Getting Visa on Arrival is very easy and hassle free. You can get visa for 2 weeks on arrival with right documentation.

Happy tripping! Happy sharing!

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