An Experience Worth A Thousand Emotions!

Happy tripping! Happy sharing!

My best friend’s wedding! A selfie experience worth a thousand emotions! 

selfie experience

A best friend for over 6 years, Daniella and i have shared many evenings in agony sharing her concerns and insecurities about being with someone and finding the right man. Daniella, a fierce, independent, career oriented woman was full of doubts when it came to being in a relationship. Fragile from her past failures, the fears (of not finding a right man or compromising with someone as the biological clock was ticking) overshadowed even her joyous moments. Being in late 30s, she was losing race against fertility with every passing day and that was enough to give her sleepless nights.

After living in India for over 6 years, with no success, Daniella moved back to Italy with a heavy heart. But despite of all the uncertainties, hope was by her side. New place, new surroundings, new people enthused Daniella with the hope of new possibilities.  

One of the most memorable days – A Selfie experience! 

This selfie for me speaks a thousands words! The fearful Daniella made a beautiful bride to a wonderful man Marco. They decided to get married after being in a relationship for 8 months. Already 3 months pregnant, Daniella was radiating the glow of inner peace. Everything fell into place. Everything was perfect. I was happy to be sharing these emotions with her on that special day when the Sardinian sun bathed beautiful couple with blessings!

selfie experience

It was a busy evening for the bride and the groom with hundred guests vying for their attention. I was able to grab this moment in a selfie which represents love, friendship, togetherness, hope, victory, celebration, satisfaction, contentment and triumph bundled up in one!

  selfie experience  selfie experience  selfie experience

I am glad to have the best mobile phone with a Selfie camera, which delivered this amazing result. Being a solo traveler, i rely on selfies most of the time. Read my posts for another Selfie experience. 

With Venice just 20 minutes drive away, Padova has always lived under the shadow of Venice. This wedding also gave me an opportunity to visit Padova, Daniella’s hometown. I fell in love this beautiful quaint town rich with its Renaissance history and heritage. 

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A selfie experience worth a thousand emotions! 
Article Name
A selfie experience worth a thousand emotions! 
My best friend’s wedding - A selfie experience worth a thousand emotions! Everything was perfect. I was happy to be sharing these emotions with her on that special day when the Sardinian sun bathed this beautiful couple with blessings!

Happy tripping! Happy sharing!

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